Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Why I became a Panexperientialist by Charles Birch

Panpsychism by William Seager (encyclopedia article)

Panpsychism by David Skrbina (encyclopedia article)


Panpsychism by T.L.S. Sprigge (encyclopedia article)

Panexperientialist Physicalism and the Mind-Body problem by David Ray Griffin

Consciousness, Information and Panpsychism by William Seager

Panpsychism by William Seager (his most recent paper on the topic).

Why Physicalism entails Panpsychism by Galen Strawson

Recent Naturalistic Dualisms by William Lycan. Although no fan of panpsychism, Lycan argues that the most coherent form of property dualism implies panpsychism.

Online papers on Panpsychism compiled by David Chalmers.

Mind Dust - a group of philosophers, mathematicians and physicists working on ontology and metaphysics from Munich, Germany with an interest in panexperientialism.

John Gregg's Consciousness Site - Numerous consciousness related essays, often panpsychism related.

Panexperientialist - In Defence of Panexperientialism. Andy K


Whitehead by John Cobb

Whitehead and the revival(?) of Panpsychism by William Seager

Whitehead's even more dangerous idea by Peter Fairleigh

Everything is Permuted
Website of Paul Cecil with numerous Whitehead/Hartshorne links

Center for Process Studies The Center is a faculty of Claremont School of Theology. Focus on Whitehead, Hartshorne and Process Theology. Extensive resources.


Participation, Organization, and Mind: Toward a Participatory Worldview by David Skrbina. Interesting panpsychist theory based on ideas from chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics. Also contains an excellent history of panpsychism.

A place for Consciousness
by Gregg Rosenberg. Explores the problems of causation and consciousness, leading to a panexperientialist solution.

Group Reading of Gregg Rosenberg's book (Physics Forums).


A Purpose For Everything by Charles Birch. On-line book examining purpose in nature.

Nature and Purpose by John F. Haught. Book with similar themes to that of Birch. Some chapters may not appeal to the secular minded.

Guide to Reality Science and philosophy blog with numerous panexperientialism related posts.


Mind in Nature: the Interface of Science and Philosophy
Online book with various contributors. Edited by John B. Cobb Jr and David R. Griffin

Processing Towards Life by Charles Birch. Examines Self-organisation and subjectivity.

Embodied Human Consciousness, Abrupt Global Climate Change, and Freedom
Website of physiologist David Stoney which covers climate change issues as well as neurophysiology from a Whiteheadian panexperientialist perspective.

Psychological Physiology From the Standpoint of a Physiological Psychologist
by George Wolf

Whitehead'Psychological Physiology: A Third View by William Gallagher.
Relates how individual occasions of experience might give rise to the unified experience of human consciousness. Addresses (although in an indirect fashion) what Philosopher William Seager has described as the "Combination Problem".

Single-neuron Theory of Consciousness by Steven Sevush.
Proposes that the full content of conscious experience may be a property of individual neurons and that this would present a solution to the 'binding' problem.

Is Consciousness Only a Property of Individual Cells? by Jonathon CW Edwards.
Similar theme to previous paper, with more emphasis on the physics that might be involved.

See also website of Stuart Hameroff (under 'Physics').


Self-Organization and Agency: In Chemistry and In Process Philosophy
by Joseph E. Earley

Towards a Process Philosophy of Chemistry by Ross Stein


Online papers of Whitehead-influenced Quantum Physicist Henry Stapp

Quantum Consciousness Website of Stuart Hameroff, with focus on Hameroff-Pensrose microtubule/quantum model of consciousness.

Process Physics School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences, Flinders University. I have not tried to understand this stuff but apparently it has affinities with Whitehead's views, although arrived at independently.


The Power of Thought to Heal:An Ontology of Personal Faithby Arthur Preston Smith. Psychosomatic healing from a panexperientialist perspective.

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Steve said...

A great set of papers, many of which I had not seen. The Seager article, Consciousness, Information and Panpsychism, hits directly a topic I've been thinking about lately: whether information is of use as a concept in a fundamental theory.

Justin said...

Glad you find the links helpful. The website of philosopher David Chalmers (as you may already know)has a lot of stuff on information and consciousness.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It seems to me that more and more people are beginning to see that this is the direction in which to pursue the study of consciousness. Please consider posting some info on the mystic, Jane Roberts, who fills in the details about consciousness.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I'm going to take a look at reading some of this, try to learn a bit more about this perspective and how it relates to my soc. background.

jhave said...

Excellent collection of articles many of which I had not yet seen.

Thank you very much for assembling them!

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Anonymous said...

I am curious if there is someone who is discussing panexperientialism where 'god' and 'creativity' are contingent, but emergent, but 'the world' is not contingent.

Does my question make sense?

John Gregg said...

I'm just catching up, and saw this post. I nominate my own site, which contains a bunch of essays, several explicitly endorsing some form or another of panpsychism:


-John Gregg

Justin said...

Thanks John. Looks like an interesting site. I'll add a link

Unknown said...

Hi Justin.

I would appreciate any feedback you might care to give regarding my blog. you can find it here:


Justin said...

Hi Andy

Looks like a lucid and tightly argued site (I'll put in a link to it).
Unfortunately I don't have much time these days to philosophize or do your arguments any justice.

I found your definitions of subjective and objective interesting. I wonder how they would cope with visual hallucinations? I tend to look upon "objectivity" as the way the world appears in a calm, balanced emotional state. So it two people's brains were identically deranged they may both perceive pink elephants - but these perceptions would be no less 'real' than the way the world appears to a group of scientists in a calm, objective state. This is similar to Nietzsche's perspectivism I think.

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to read my blog and provide critical feedback Justin, and for adding my blog to your links.

Luke said...

Hi Justin, I was just looking into the origin of the very handy term 'cosmopsychism', and your 2008 blog post seems to be the earliest use.

Do you know of an earlier precedent?

If not, how would you most like to be cited? Right now I have 'Justin', 2008 and a hyperlink, but I'd prefer to use your actual name.

lorenzo sleakes said...

Hello this site has a naturalistic theory of panpsychism: